Un nuevo modelo de investigación e innovación docente. Los talleres de proyectos integrados del PFC en la ETSA de la Universidad de Valladolid

Salvador Mata Pérez
Arquitecto, Profesor Ayudante Doctor, ETSAVa Universidad de Valladolid
Architect, Profesor Ayudante Doctor, ETSAVa University of Valladolid

This article dispenses analysis on recent experiences regarding the so-called “integrated workshops” within Architecture Universities, as a new way of innovation in the field of architectural teaching.
The tutor’s role is meant to have an unparalleled importance, and becomes an interactive mechanism not only towards the student, but also regarding the architectural field in itself. Furthermore, other knowledge fields related to the architectural field are meant to blossom with the help and drive of the tutor.
In this new approach of teaching, every architectural discipline comes together at once, so that it becomes possible to coordinate different practical applications, as well as different fields of knowledge, within one individual exercise.
The author of this article does proposes that the PFC model should emulate those of bygone eras, where the apprentice would undergo every step within the intended apprenticeship process, considering that in this particular case we have the advantage of some thorough preparatory training.

Keywords: integrated workshops; tutor; didactic field; innovation; final degree project.