Desenho livre e ensino de Arquitectura

António Batista Coelho
Arquitecto, Professor Catedrático Convidado, UBI
Architect, Invited Full Professor, UBI

The following paper/article is a reflection on the relationship between the practice of free freehand drawing and learning and practice approaches to architecture. The text begins with the record of what we designate as the free design rudiments and continues with references to the current cultural context and the problems it raises in the context of free drawing teaching and practice. Sequentially the text address four mutually interactive themes: the use of design research in architecture; the varied and exciting ways of free drawing; the relationship between drawing and architectural design; and some brief notes on the relation between free drawing and learning how to make architecture. Finally, and as a conclusion of this reflection we point out some ideas and paths for further development, privileging the bases associated with the various concepts of architectural design.

Keywords: drawing; freehand drawing; architecture; architectural practice.